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I Must Run !


At first, I was going to classify ‘I Must Run‘ by Gamelion Studios as a game for expert players only. I was experiencing a lot of deaths right at the beginning of the game and not able to get much more than 700 meters in the building-to-building jumping game. Then my wife said ‘Let me give it a try.’ She quickly got the knack of the double-jump and was soon going more than 3,300 meters–or 35 building jumps, before crashing into a wall. She is now quite addicted, and I hear things like ‘Ok, I’ll hand it back to you after this one run. Ok, that was a short one, after the next one. Ok, after the next one.’

I think I can now safely recommend this game for everyone. It is one that we will play long after the need to review it is gone, which is a pretty high recommendation.

As for the game itself, it works like this: Your character is an escaped convict who is on a mission to save his wife, who will be killed if he does not show up on the roof of City Hall within 24 hours.

Download Here

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